Can I use my own 10,000psi hydraulic pump and hose set with the PT21?

Absolutely, when “Building Your System” just select the component you need, i.e. PT21 unit, load pins etc and leave out the pump and components you already own.
Let us know what fittings you have on your hoses etc and we can assist with ensuring everything is compatible.

My pad eye is too tall for the PT21

Sometimes you will encounter a padeye whose width physically fits inside the clevis but is simply too tall for the body of the tester.
If this occurs simply pack either side of the padeye with pieces of steel plate or hard-wood to provide a surface with the desired height for the tester to sit on.
A word of caution, you must ensure the packing material and the surface upon which it is placed is structurally capable of taking the compressive reaction load which is equal to the test load applied to the padeye.

My load pin is bent

If you have a bent load pin, it has been subjected to a load which exceeded its capacity or Working Load Limit (WLL) which is stamped on the head of the pin.
This pin should be discarded and a replacement purchased.

The load pin that I need to use for my test load is too large to fit through the item I'm testing.

The quickest workaround is to attach a safety box shackle to the item being tested and then install the load pin through the shackle. The additional height may also require you to pack under the base of tester (see separate FAQ).

When I start testing I pump the handle on my hydraulic pump 10 or more times before I see any generation of load. Is this normal?

This is totally normal, the number of pumps required will depend on a number of factors such as the displacement of your pump and the length of hose.
If however the operation is a little erratic or the handle feels spongy even after many activations you may have air trapped in your hydraulic system.
To remedy this you need to cycle your tester to full displacement i.e. the clevis to its maximum height and back a few times. Don’t connect your tester to anything and operate the pump until the clevis is as high as it can go, release the pressure on your pump allowing the clevis to return to its lowest position and repeat this process a few times if necessary. Throughout the process remember to keep the pump higher than the tester, this will ensure any trapped air in the system is returned to the pump.

You don't have a distributor in my area, do you ship?

Yes absolutely we ship worldwide, just ask us for a quotation.

How many load pins are there available for the PT21?

There are three different load pins of different size and capacity available for lift point testing. In addition to this various Test Accessory Kits (TAK) have their own custom load pins tailored to a particular task.
More information on all of our pins and TAK is available on the products section of our website.