Skip Bin Lift Point Testing

Skip Bin TAK

Testing of lift points is made easy thanks to the PT21 Skip Bin TAK.

Under various workplace safety acts, operators and owners of skip bins have a duty of care to ensure their bins remain serviceable and safe to lift which typically entails routine maintenance, inspection, and testing.

Post repair testing of lift points is particularly important and easy to do with the PT21 in conjunction with the Skip Bin Test Accessory Kit (TAK).

Green Monster pull testers have been used for many years by waste bin manufactures to proof load test lifting padeyes/lugs on their new build skip bins.

The Skip Bin TAK brings a new level ease.

Lighter, Smaller, Stronger.
PT21 pull tester

“It is brilliant, cannot believe I held off for so long to buy one. It’s a great product, well made and easy to use.”

Scott Pennings - All About Lifting & Safety Pty Ltd
See how easy it is.
The larger capacity and smaller size of the PT21 significantly increases its testing range by being able to test larger lift points in tighter spaces/locations. See just how easy it can be.

Other areas PT21 excels.