Aircraft Anchor TAK

Aircraft Restraint Anchors

Aircraft restraint systems are a critical component on Navy vessels, securing aircraft during inclement weather and transportation activities

The Aircraft Anchor Test Accessory Kit (TAK) allows the PT21 to easily and efficiently load test in-deck style anchor points that are widely utilised on Navy Vessels the world over.

On its own the PT21 can test a wide variety of padeyes and lift points on marine vessels, but with an Aircraft Anchor TAK it’s the perfect tool for builders and maintainers of Navy ships.

Lighter, Smaller, Stronger.
PT21 pull tester

Our rope access technicians have used Green Monster pull testers from the beginning,
but the new PT21 is a game changer for our industry.

Radu Nicola Managing Director Vertical Services
See how easy it is.
The larger capacity and smaller size of the PT21 significantly increases its testing range by being able to test larger lift points in tighter spaces/locations. See just how easy it can be.

Other areas PT21 excels.